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The interconnected dimension of handtools

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MANOSKOP® 730 Quick

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The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


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No. 17 – but not as you know it.

Excellent – when good gets even better. The No 17 Open-Ratch combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanner is now also available in 21, 22 and 24 mm. The integrated ratchet with a double hexagon for clockwise or anticlockwise use has a working angle of 5°. The chrome-plated surface with the rounded STAHLWILLE finish provides sufficient grip even with...

Tool Box for aviation maintenance and repair shops

For over 30 years, STAHLWILLE has been recognised as being a leading partner of the aerospace industry. During this time, we have gained a reputation as a capable partner and supplier who carefully examines the needs of its customers and responds accordingly. The latest result of our focus on customers' specific requirements is a toolbox for the...

HI-LOK tools

Our new HI-LOK Bolt Set 40a/40aD/16/2 offers, in addition to the 1/4" HI-LOK ratchet, ten socket inserts and six hexagon socket screw keys housed in a case made of robust, lightweight ABS plastic. The additional Tool Control System (TCS) inlay with its yellow signal colour ensures that the user can see at a glance whether anything is missing.

The SmartCheck Family

Mobile, handy and yet as reliable and accurate as you would expect from STAHLWILLE: this is SmartCheck, the tester for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers. The popular, proven testing device for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers is so versatile and handy that it fits in any workshop and every service vehicle. Now STAHLWILLE has expanded...

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„You don't know what precision feels like until you've held STAHLWILLE tools in your hand.“
„I know STAHLWILLE tools are more expensive. But that accuracy, the ergonomic design and improved efficiency make it worthwhile.“
„When it comes to torquing, I need peak performance. I can rely on STAHLWILLE to give me that.“
„We've had to replace our tools far less often since we've been using STAHLWILLE. Quality pays for itself.“