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The SmartCheck Family

Four specialists, one mission.

Mobile, handy and yet as reliable and accurate as you would expect from STAHLWILLE: this is SmartCheck, the tester for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers. The popular, proven testing device for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers is so versatile and handy that it fits in any workshop and every service vehicle. Now STAHLWILLE has expanded SmartCheck to produce a product family and has added three siblings of the same high quality – each with its own special talents. Read on to discover the details.



  • Robust. The integrated visual and audible overload protection mechanism ensures the durability customers expect of STAHLWILLE.
  • Accurate. The display deviation value of a mere ± 1% guarantees the greatest possible measuring dependability.
  • Ready for work. Thanks to the integrated transducer with a broad measuring range, work can start immediately.
  • Flexible. SmartCheck can be positioned almost anywhere. Whether horizontally or vertically – the well-thought-out fixing points, the compact construction and rotatable display make it easy to use.
  • Individual. Three operating modes (track, first peak, peak hold) and three measuring units (N·m, ft·lb, in·lb) can be selected. The target torque and tolerances can be individually set to evaluate the readings.
  • Mobile. Ideal for use on the road if there are no power sockets available. Besides the usual operating mode using a mains adapter, this unit can be run on batteries (4 x AAA or 1 x 9 V block, adapter included).
  • Revolutionary. SmartCheck can easily be adjusted to suit the user's angle of sight. Not only the display but also the display mount and base body can be rotated through 180°.

SmartCheck USB

The SmartCheck USB has all the capabilities of the standard version – and now, thanks to the USB interface, also offers the possibility of reading out the readings stored in the instrument. As a result, the data can also be transferred to an external system.

  • Stores up to 200 data records, including date and time stamps.
  • Data export and optional power supply using the micro USB interface.
  • Logging software as a free download.

SmartCheck DAPTIQ®

The SmartCheck appliance for the fourth industrial revolution: with bidirectional open-source interface for excellent integration into the superordinate controller system.

  • Parameter setting and integration through the open-source interface.
  • Target values, tolerances and operating mode can be set by the system.
  • Internal storage of up to 200 data records.
  • Exchange of real-time data between the device and the controller system.

SmartCheck Angle

At last there is a device that tests and logs anglecontrolled wrenches just as easily as torque wrenches. The SmartCheck Angle is the answer.

  • Lever arm can be extended for angle-controlled wrenches up to 400 N·m.
  • 1/2" mount, can be reduced to 3/8" using an adapter.
  • Broad measuring range from 0 – 720°.
  • Operation is simple.
  • Integrated analysis function.
  • Can store up to 200 data records with date and time stamps.
  • With micro USB connection for data export.
  • Logging software as a free download.