STAHLWILLE is one of Germany's TOP 100 innovators. This fact is underlined by the many, regular product launches by this company. Find out more about the latest new developments in this field – and the added value STAHLWILLE products can provide.


reddot award 2018 winner


"The fact that we have won the Red Dot Design Award is a tremendous success story and confirms our commitment to delivering innovation as it is perceived by users. We are grateful to the jury for their decision and see the award as motivation to continue our innovation drive and never to lose sight of the needs of our end users."

- Winfried Czilwa, Chief Executive Officer



In many fields of work, foreign object damage (FOD) can be a real safety hazard – like in aviation. One highly effective method for combating FOD goes by the name of QuickRelease. This locking system, developed and patented by STAHLWILLE, prevents the loss of sockets even in awkward bolting points or in long tapped holes. While other locking...

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