31.07.2017 | Category : Products , Success Stories

FastRatch 240

Thank you, STAHLWILLE, for inventing this!

Opel Stein is the largest car sales distributor in Kaisersesch, which has 3000 inhabitants, in the Eifel mountains in the west of Germany. Founded in 1949 as an independent car repair shop, it became one of the first authorised Opel distributors only four years later. Today, this family business is run by the brothers Mario and Fabian Stein, the third generation of the founding family. They are thoroughly convinced by STAHLWILLE products./p>

»Many of our customers are also ’third generation’ customers«, explains 37-year-old Mario Stein – the older of the two brothers. »That is confirmation of our commitment to service and quality.« Fabian (34) adds: »In this little town, nearly everyone knows nearly everyone else. We can’t afford to leave things to chance.« Uncompromisingly good tools are essential. Fortunately, there is a STAHLWILLE dealer in the town, »Werkzeug-Vulkan« (Volcano Tools). It was here that the brothers discovered the »FastRatch« open-end ratchet wrench, which is patented.

Until then, these workshop professionals had to resort to open-ring spanners in tight working spaces or when working with union nuts – with the associated risk of the tool slipping, especially where the fasteners were baked solid. Thanks to FastRatch, that is a thing of the past. Even where space is at a premium and on union nuts, FastRatch can be used like ring spanners with a ratchet. They enable high torques to be applied without the fear of slipping or damaging the screwhead. And the built-in ratchet makes working with this tool an easy, efficient matter, particularly as FastRatch is available in sizes from 8 to 19 mm.


Mario and Fabian Stein, Managing Directors of Opel Stein, Kaisersesch

The tool is the ideal choice when it comes to working on brake leads, trackrods, exhaust gas temperature sensors, diesel leads and aircon pressure sensors, to name just a few. Mario Stein, a qualified master vehicle technician, is impressed: »The workspaces in modern cars are often so tight that it’s impossible to apply open-ring spanners. With FastRatch, it’s a piece of cake. The tools are effective, slim, slip-free and have a self-grip function. This was obviously developed by someone who knows what the trades need. Before, we often ended up pinching our fingers.«

In addition, FastRatch tools are equally suited to metric and imperial applications. So they can be used without a hitch on cars from the UK or USA. The size and direction of rotation can be read off from the tool.

Die Steins denken derweil bereits weiter. Das nächste STAHLWILLE Produkt auf ihrer Wunschliste: VDE-Drehmomentlösungen von STAHLWILLE. Denn mit dem Elektro-Opel Ampera E besteht schon bald Bedarf an spannungeschützten Werkzeugen, auf die man sich verlassen kann.

The Stein brothers are now making new plans for the future. The next STAHLWILLE product on their wish-list is VDE torque solutions from STAHLWILLE. When the new all-electric Opel Ampera E hits the market, there will be a need for insulated tools one can rely on.


  • Ideal for fastener tightening on brake leads, trackrods, exhaust gas temperature sensors, diesel leads and aircon pressure sensors
  • The preferred choice wherever there is no room for open-ring spanners.
  • More effective, faster working thanks to the integrated ratchet
  • Versatile application due to the sizes available from 8 to 19 mm
  • Equally suitable for metric and imperial fasteners