12.02.2019 | Category : Products


Fast and zero-effort setting thanks to the adjustment knob at the end of the handle. No coil-spring mechanism ensures long time accuracy with no need to return to lowest setting. What is more appreciated by the calibration shop? Not necessary to take the wrench apart if it fails calibration, with a 2 mm allen key you can adjust the triggering settings by turning the screws from outside of the wrench.

  • No need for manual reset to zero

    Wear resistant trip system with a flexible rod. In contrast to conventional torque wrenches, it is not necessary to reset the wrench to zero after each job to unload the spring. As a result, users benefit from long-term accuracy and safe measurement results with less time required.

  • Simple

    Quick adjustment from outside, no disassembly of the torque wrench required.

  • Safe and Versatile

    The QuickRelease safety lock secures the insert tools while, at the same time, enabling them to be changed quickly and easily – inadvertent release is no longer a risk. Endless choices of inserts, ratchet, crow foot, ring, specialty...


  • User Friendly

    Accurate one-hand setting, just twist the knob by fingers, Pull. Set. Done. Even for setting high torque value on large units.